Paso Alto Biophysics & Biomedical Engineering is a company specialising in biophysical science and medical bioengineering research that works to develop new systems for the treatment of diseases and their subsequent transfer to the industrial sector, in other words, it carries out frontier science to develop new technologies to help implement the medicine of the future.


In this first stage, we are focused on developing new systems of therapies or

methods that can be applied in processes to combat infectious diseases.


The company carries out its research and technological development work without belonging to any pharmaceutical structure, nor is it housed in centres, organisations or administrations of any kind, so that all the advances achieved in the different areas of action belong exclusively to it, which in turn enables it to develop without being answerable to any external agent.

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We don't follow trends,

at Paso Alto Biophysics we

create them.

This new methodology has the potential to significantly advance medical science and the health sector.

Molecular physics and

electronics in the service

of medicine.

A company dedicated to

research in biophysical

science and bioengineering.

Paso Alto Biophysics &

Biomedical Engineering

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